Modified Adhesive Trowel Grade

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LionGuard Modified Bitumen Adhesive Trowel Grade is a heavy mastic, modified SBS asphalt, asbestos-free, cold applied adhesive for use in adhering SBS modified bitumen membrane base and ply sheets as well as making repairs on existing modified bitumen applications. May also be used with conventional built-up ply sheets and granulated cap sheets. The unique qualities of this adhesive produce a bond of excellent strength. Meets ASTM D-3019 Type III.

» No need for torches or asphalt kettles
» Produces a tough bond
» Elastomeric film moves with membranes

All surfaces should be dry, clean and free from dirt, dust, oil, grease and debris. For vertical applications and at seams and endlaps, apply in a 1/8” thickness (approximately 8 gallons per 100 square feet) using a serrated trowel. Apply adhesive in a uniform and continuous film to ensure even coverage. Allow adhesive to have an open time of 15 minutes before installing membranes.

Clean tools and equipment with mineral spirits or similar